October 2020, some people of the Generative Artists Club were discussing Inktober, and some remarked that they had trouble relating the Inktober prompts to code art.

Around the same time I was contacted by Tristan Sauer of, who had a challenge called “6 simple lines of code”, which was to make art that involved those 6 lines of code somehow. I participated of course :)

Then the idea clicked in my head. What if we could do Inktober but with code-related prompts such as these?

The name “genuary” was a pretty obvious pun (it turned out people had already come up with that name last year, but nothing had come of it), and the timing was quite fortunate, with 3 months to make it happen.

So I proposed the idea to the genartclub people and they all really liked it. I knew that the basic minimum what we needed was 31 good prompts and a website. The rest would take care almost by itself.

I got busy making the website, to show this was seriously going to happen, then I got a lot of help from others to make it look good on mobile, code and editing improvements. We also started brainstorming for prompts, I think about 12 people helped with that to come up with 47 prompts. Then we had a voting round to select the best 31 and I shuffled them.